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September 7, 2012, proved to be a historic milestone in the African American sacred steel community. On that date, Del and Kelli Grace launched and produced the first ever cable television show featuring the steel guitar from an African American perspective.  

"The Best of Sacred Steel" is a weekly 30-minute cable program consisting of multiple stage performances and historical information. Tune in every Friday evening from 9:00pm to 9:30pm on Buckeye Broadband channel 69, Toledo, Ohio or check out our YouTube & Facebook pages.  

On April 5, 2014, a second TV program also produced by the Grace’s entitled "The Gospel of Sacred Steel", a ten-week rotation of individual performances by some of the great tradition bearers of the tradition. Tune in every Saturday morning from 9:30am to 10:00am also on Buckeye Broadband channel 69, Toledo. Ohio.

Buckeye Broadband offers internet service within Michigan and Ohio. Cable internet from Buckeye Broadband is available to an estimated 550,000 people, making it the 23rd largest provider of cable broadband in the U.S. by coverage area.
Sacred Steel TV  
God Bless Sacred Steel!! 
 Tune In With Host Del Ray Grace
          Every Friday @ 9pm 
       & Saturdays @ 9:30am
 Buckeye Broadband Chanel 69
      Sacred Steel TV programs
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 Spot Light Profile - AGPB

The Amazing Grace Praise Band Consist of a group of young men from the Jewell Dominion line of Mother Tate’s church, the Church of the Living God. Del Ray Grace Sr. is the lap steel guitarist and leader of the Sacred Steel Praise Ensemble.

As a teenager in the church Del was inspired to play music by some of the great tradition bearers of the Sacred Steel Movement such as Wayne White, Felton Williams, James Tubby Golden, Yolando Ramsey, & Lorenzo Harrison.

Del’s supporting cast consist of his brother –in-law Jay Caver on Lead Guitar, Son- Del Ray Grace Jr. on Bass Guitar, Nephew- Chris Pope on Drums, Tressa Boles on lead vocals & his lovely wife- Kelli Grace on Tambourine. The goal of the Praise band is to Praise the Lord on the string instruments, which is our spiritual sacrifice unto the Lord. 

Spot Light Profile - The Campbell Brothers

The Campbell Brothers are based out of Rochester, New York. They developed their musical skills within the Keith Dominion, House of God Church. The Father of the band, Bishop Charles Campbell, is the motivating force behind the brothers as well as their biggest supporter.

Band Members are Chuck Campbell (pedal steel), Darick Campbell, (lap steel), Phil Campbell (rhythm guitar), Daric Bennett (bass guitar), and Carlton Campbell on Drums. Chuck Campbell was the first to introduce the pedal steel into the Keith Dominion Sacred Steel Tradition. He is the trendsetter that many aspiring pedal steel players began to imitate.

The Campbell Brothers have ministered throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and Africa. Since they were first heard outside of their church, the group has been on an incredible and often arduous journey, balancing their faith with their desire to take their music to new audiences. 

Spot Light Profile - Aubrey Ghent

After 40 years of playing the Lap Steel Guitar, Aubrey is a true legend and master artist in his own right! At the age of six Aubrey developed great passion for the lap steel and after three years of much practice he began playing for church services at the age of 9 years old.

His skill level was so amazing that local churches and other events began inviting him to play for services and venues. It wasn’t long before Aubrey began to travel to other cities and states spreading the gospel of sacred steel and gaining national acclaim for his unique gospel style and skillful techniques.

Spotlight Profile - Calvin Cooke

Born January 11, 1944 grew up in Cleveland, Oh. Calvin has played the Pentecostal circuit since he was 14 years old as a member of the Jewell Dominion church of the Living God. Growing up in church, he was raised with a deep-seated understanding of the power of music.  

Calvin later joined the Keith Dominion church and developed into a very gifted and anointed steel player and vocalist, touching the lives of so many as he traveled the world playing in the name of Jesus. 

He is a role model to many aspiring steel players and his dedication to the tradition of Sacred Steel will be remembered for years to come. Calvin is the most decorated sacred steel player to date, receiving many honors throughout the secular world.

Spot Light Profile - Maurice Ted Beard Jr.

Maurice Ted Beard, born June 15, 935, to Maurice Sr., and Fannie Mae (Asberry) Beard. Ted began his music career as a member of the Jewell Dominion Church of the Living God, where he played the steel guitar with his brothers Douglas and Billy Beard in Detroit, Michigan.

The Beard family later joined the Keith Dominion House of God Church, where Ted became the Chief Musician and National Music Coordinator. He is highly respected as one of the leading practitioners and innovators of the Sacred Steel music tradition.

Elder Maurice Ted Beard was ordained pastor of the Joy Road House of God Church in Detroit, Michigan in 1987. Ted has an audio CD playing many of his signature songs, hymnals, and church tunes. He has also produced an instructional video teaching the basics of Sacred Steel music. 

Elder Maurice Ted Beard laid the foundation and set the standard by which many steel players are measured in the Keith Dominion Church. elder Beard received the Legends Award in 2009 and was later inducted into the 2010 Sacred Steel Hall of Fame.

Spot Light Profile - Ronnie P. Hall

Ronnie P. Hall was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan to Deacon Phillip and Elder Ruby Hall. He’s a multi- talented musician playing both the steel, rhythm, and bass guitars fluently. He became interested in playing music around age eight or nine, but it wasn’t until 1953 that Ronnie began playing consistently for the Ecorse, Michigan Church of the Living God.

It was here that he began to shine and develop his own style while yet staying true to his roots in the Jewell Dominion Steel Guitar Tradition. His early influences were Teacher Felton Williams Jr. and Bishop Lorenzo Harrison also of the Jewell Dominion Steel Guitar Tradition.

He established Golden Sacred Strings Inc., to preserve his body of work to someday be remembered in the history books of African American steel guitar players. Bishop Hall is currently the senior Pastor of the Mt. Carmel Full Gospel Assemblies Inc.
Bishop Ronnie P. Hall was inducted into the 2010 Sacred Steel Hall of Fame in Toledo, Ohio.
Spot Light Profile - Kashiah Hunter

Born, Willie Kashiah III, February 20, 1977 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.He is the son of Bishop Willie & Elder Gail P. Hunter of Macon, Georgia. He is multi-talented and well known as a steel guitarist, bass guitarist, and a singer. 

Kashiah began his musical journey in 1994 as a steel player and later helped form the steel sacred steel band known today as Kashiah Hunter & the ATL CREW. Kashiah was inspired to play by Andy Mims, Dwayne Snelling, Darick Campbell, and Dante Harmon. 

Band members are Brian Bush (drums), Ron Walker (bass guitar), Brian Render (rhythm guitar), and Kashiah Hunter (pedal steel & vocals). The goal of the ATL Crew is to let God have his way, and to give God all the praises due him through the gift of music as they continue to touch the lost and hurting.

Spot Light Profile - Joseph Randall

Joseph Randall of Pompano Beach, Florida is a very skilled musician an a very gifted and anointed steel guitarist, touching the lives of so many as he travels the world playing in Jesus name. 

Joe is a role model to many aspiring steel players in the Florida area. He has recently been appointed over the music department in the state of Florida.
Spot Light Profile Coming Soon!