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Sacred Strings Records Inc.
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The Sacred Steel Music and History Museum was established by Del and Kelli Grace in 2024, in Toledo, Ohio. The museum space is located in the historic Old West End district inside of the Collingwood Presbyterian church. The museum highlights artifacts, bio stories, interviews, etc. telling the stories of the many tradition bearers of sacred steel music over the past 80 years.

The Sacred Steel Music and History Museum is dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of the time- honored Hawaiian steel guitar from an African American perspective. It includes the lives and works of prominent musicians, the evolution and variety of lap and pedal steel guitars. The stories of the early pioneers of sacred steel such as brothers Troman and Willie Eason, Henry Nelson, and Lorenzo Harrison can be found and studied in the museum.  

Extra-large Display Cases
Our extra-large display cases were built by a carpenter friend named Alan Brown, formerly of Akron, Ohio. Each of the cases are full of sacred steel memorabilia, photos, posters, plaques, steel guitars, mannequins, many honorable mentions honoring Felton Williams Jr, the Campbell Brothers, Aubrey Ghent and a monitor playing footage featuring the 2019 Queens of Sacred Steel. 

Dual Functioning Space
Our large open space temporarily doubles as a museum and a performing arts event center for venues with an eight five seat capacity. The portable walls have locking wheel casters underneath used to keep the walls from moving. A total of six L-shaped walls front and back totaling 24 sides are inundated with eighty years of sacred steel music history. 

Sacred Steel Archive & Research Center
The Sacred Steel Archive & Research Center in Toledo, Ohio, acquires, promotes and preserves sacred steel materials in a variety of formats. Five touch screen computers with headphones contain the largest repository of African American sacred steel audio and video recordings, interviews, documentaries, concerts and other sacred steel related materials in the world. A great resource for researchers, scholars, ethnomusicologist, and sacred steel fans alike.
Toledo Quartet Musical Association
The Toledo Quartet Musical Association, (TQMA) was organized in 1950. Until now no one thought to preserve its rich legacy. Their space within the museum is modest but the presentation is very powerful with a montage of photos, CD’s, and Albums displayed of several past and present quartet groups. One touch screen computer full of audio and video performances is accessible for lovers of gospel quartet music. A great educational tool for gospel music enthusiast and researchers of local history.  

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Harmony House Performing Arts Center
Harmony House Performing Arts Center- Named after our first granddaughter Harmony London Grace.
The HHMPA center is an event center focused on Wholesome, unobjectionable, uplifting entertainment that the family can enjoy together and will leave you feeling good. The HHPA center is a space that welcomes a variety of musical performances as well as word-based performance art such as spoken word, poetry, and clean comedy.  
We offer a back line of equipment as part of our rental package that provides 3 guitar and 1 bass amp, keyboard, drum kit, microphones and PA mixing board.